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Terrible News: Benazir Bhutto Assassinated December 27, 2007


Shocking, but not surprising.

Bhutto’s return to Pakistan after years in self-imposed Exile in London brought a renewed hope to the opposition. It was President Pervez Musharraf himself who allowed for her return under the weak agreement that power would be shared by both leaders.

But Musharraf declared the emergency rule instead, she was put under house arrest, and prevented from attending a previous rally.

Now, after the emergency rule has been lifted, she finally had the opportunity to lead her people in protest against the newborn dictator, but she was put down by a double sting of bullet and bomb.

What now, Mr. Musharraf? And Mr. Bush, are we still in support of the dictator? I suppose not!

Ms. Bhutto will always be remembered as the woman who changed Pakistani (and Muslim) politics and fought for the freedom of her people.


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