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NY Times — A Campaign Against China? December 8, 2007

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chinese dragon

Throughout the last few months the New York Times has published a series of articles highlighting (usually disastrous) aspects of the uprising Chinese economy. The series is called Chocking on Growth, and it’s so far comprised of seven articles:

I. The Overview — As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deathly Extremes

II. China’s Water Crisis — Beneath Booming Cities, China’s Future is Drying Up

III. The Activist — In China, a Lake’s Champion Imperils Himself

IV. Three Gorges Dam –Chinese Dam Projects Criticized for Human Costs

V. Energy Rules — Far From Beijing’s Reach, Officials Bend Energy Rules

VI. Wildlife Threatened — China’s Endangered Turtles, Emblems of a Crisis

VII. A Suffocating Cost — Trucks Power China’s Economy, at a Suffocating Cost

What arises my suspicion is the tone of the articles: they sounds like a campaign against China, the country that is the closest competitor of the Unites States in the market economy game. This defamatory campaign is, of course, very convenient to this administration or rather corporatocracy (as John Perkings calls it) and to the corporations they sustain. Take Boing. They already suffered a billionary loss when China bought their new planes from Airbus, which is French.

These articles sound to me like a reaction of a scared sector of the economy to the unforgiving growth of a superpower. And I’d also like to point out: WE HAVE SERIOUS PROBLEMS IN THE US TOO!


2 Responses to “NY Times — A Campaign Against China?”

  1. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  2. Eddy Says:

    Not just the New York Times, the Western mainstream press in general had been negatively biased towards China. The Western media are owned by large corporations and of course they are obliged to serve their masters’ interest. Funny thing is, the media does not always reflect what the general population thinks, according to a recent poll, 75% of Europeans citizens think that the Western media had been unfairly negative in their reporting on China. Another funny thing is that the majority of Chinese people (over 85%) are optimistic and believes their country is heading to the rights direction, compare that with WarBush’s approval rating in the US. Haha

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